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Annette Makino

Annette Makino is a poet and artist who writes haiku and combines her words with Japanese ink paintings. Her pieces convey a quiet Zen perspective and gentle sense of humor. She offers paintings, prints, books and cards of her work through her art business, Makino Studios.

Makino grew up with a Japanese father and a Swiss mother, and has lived in both Japan and Europe. She is influenced by the simple yet profound aesthetic of Zen Buddhism and the playful aspect of Swiss art and design. She is also inspired by the untamed beauty of her Pacific Northwest home in Arcata, California, where she lives with her husband, two children and a dog.

Makino comes to her work with more than thirty years experience in writing and graphic design as a communications and outreach specialist for nonprofit organizations. She has a degree in international relations from Stanford University and has studied drawing, painting and graphic design at Humboldt State University.

Publications: Makino’s poems and haiga (haiku art) have appeared in the leading English-language haiku and haiga journals, including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, The Heron’s Nest, Acorn, tinywords, Prune Juice, A Hundred Gourds, HaigaOnline, and DailyHaiga. Her work has also appeared in several anthologies, including fear of dancing (the Red Moon anthology of the best haiku of 2013), Contemporary Haibun (annual print anthology edited by Jim Kacian), and Now This: Contemporary Poems of Beginnings, Renewals, and Firsts (edited by Robert Epstein).

In addition, she has published three limited edition art books of her haiga: Aha! Haiku Insights (Makino Studios, 2011); True Love Comes on Paws: Haiku for Dog Lovers (Makino Studios, 2011); and Rich on the Tongue: Honeybee Haiku (Makino Studios, 2011). These are handmade using Japanese and other specialty papers, and bound in a traditional Japanese style.

Awards and Shows: In both 2013 and 2014, Makino’s haiku took first prize in the ukiaHaiku Festival in two categories: Adult General, and the Dori Anderson Award for haiku about Ukiah, California. She also had a poem shortlisted for The Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Award for best haiku of 2013.

Makino exhibits her art regularly around Northern California. Her work has shown at the Morris Graves Museum of Art and the Brenda Tuxford Gallery in Eureka; the Corner Gallery in Ukiah; and the Mateel Cooperative Art Gallery in Garberville.

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    Selected Poems

    some part of me
    still wild

    cold winter rain
    the swollen creek also
    rushing home

    home from errands—
    a hero’s welcome
    from the dog

    low tide all the things I’ve left behind

    what remains
    of the mountain
    sand between my toes

    cloud sun cloud my restless shadow

    lines of foam
    over and over the sea
    writes its story

    in meditation
    attempting to empty my—
    oh, that reminds me . . .

    highway markers
    how quickly the future
    blurs into the past

    heavy downpour
    my collapsible umbrella
    promptly collapses

    Credits: “cowlick” – tinywords 13.2; “cold winter rain” – tinywords 13.1 (March 16, 2013); “home from errands” – Modern Haiku 44.1 (Winter/Spring 2013); (September 17, 2013); “low tide” – Modern Haiku 44.1 (Winter/Spring 2013); “what remains” – With Cherries on Top (Press Here, 2012); Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology (2013); “cloud” – Frogpond 36:1 (Winter 2013); “lines” – Frogpond, Issue 35:3 (Winter 2012); “in meditation” – Prune Juice, Issue 9 (Summer 2012); “highway markers” – tinywords, Issue 13.1 (Feb. 21, 2013); “heavy” Prune Juice, Issue 9 (Summer 2012).