cow in pasture with words

“love you till the cows come home,” by Annette Makino, is 11×14, painted with sumi ink and Japanese watercolor on paper.


Annette Makino is an artist and haiku poet who combines Japanese-inspired paintings with original words. Her pieces, which combine just a few words and brushstrokes, express quiet reflection and Zen humor. 

Makino writes poems to capture fleeting moments and realizations. She paints images in sumi ink and Japanese watercolors that reflect and enrich the words. The online gallery showcases her art.

Makino Studios offers paintings, prints, cards, calendars and books of her work.

She says, “My goal as a writer and artist is to help people to find joy and meaning in their daily lives and to deepen their connections with the people they love.”

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    artist Annette Makino at work

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    Yeah, but is it art?: Annette’s latest blog post explores the question of what is art, with opinions from her Swiss grandmother and others.

    Savor the Day: Annette has new paintings at a solo show at Humboldt Herbals in Old Town Eureka, California through July and August.