painting of beach scene with haiku

“water and stone” is 11×14, painted with sumi ink, Japanese watercolors and crayon on paper. © 2015 Annette Makino



Annette Makino is an artist and writer who combines joyful paintings with original words. Her pieces express quiet reflection and Zen humor. 

Makino paints with sumi ink that she grinds in an ink stone, adding color with Japanese watercolors. She applies the ink and paint onto paper with bamboo brushes. As is traditional in Asian art, she stamps each painting in red with one of her personal seals.

Much of Makino’s work is inspired by the Japanese tradition of haiga, artwork combined with haiku so the image and words deepen each other. She also draws on the Japanese custom of etegami, painting postcard art with a few well-chosen words.

The online gallery showcases her art. Makino Studios offers paintings, prints, cards, and calendars.



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    artist Annette Makino at work

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