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For better or for worse

painting of two mugs of tea and a vase of flowers with haiku

Once upon a time, at a Halloween party in Humboldt County, a tall and lean sea captain crossed paths with a slinky black cat. He asked if they had met before. They hadn’t, but she noticed the warmth and humor in his eyes, so she teased him about the tiny slice of pie on his plate (“Are you on a diet or something?”). That was 26 years ago this month. Since then, most everything that is good in my life has flowed from that fateful meeting: the delightful kids we’ve raised, the beautiful Read more

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Light in the time of darkness

cat stalks mouse ornament

As you may have heard, the holidays are upon us. Amid the Christmas muzak and urgent appeals to buy mass-produced widgets, it’s easy to lose sight of the true spirit of the season. There is such pressure—to buy the perfect gifts, to cook lavish meals, to decorate the house festively, to have the most wonderful time ever.  toobusytostophamsterwheel (Prune Juice, July 2015) But I believe that behind all that, there is a simple urge. We are looking for meaning and connection with the people Read more

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Happily ever after, and other fairy tales

two frogs in pond with lily

We all know the fairy tale about the frog prince. In the traditional version, once the princess lets the frog eat from her golden bowl and sleep in her bed for three nights, he turns into a handsome prince. (In the modern, instant gratification version, the transformation happens as soon as she kisses him.) The Brothers Grimm account concludes: “They then took leave of the king, and got into the coach with eight horses, and all set out, full of joy and merriment, for the prince’s kingdom, Read more

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Yeah, but is it art?

cow in pasture with words

The head of a local gallery once turned me down for a show, saying my work was too “popular” and not a good fit for his gallery. “Come back if you do something different,” he said, “maybe something more from your soul.”  Ouch. A nationally recognized artist put it in more positive terms: “Your work is very accessible.” As I’ve been painting a new series and preparing for a solo show in July and August, titled “Savor the Day,” I’ve been pondering the question, “what is art?” And I’ve Read more

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Twenty golden years

California poppies and honeybee with haiku

In May, my husband Paul and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. While our wedding vows were “for better or for worse,” it’s been the best twenty years of our lives. We have had a lot of adventures since then. A year into our marriage, before Paul had even secured a tenure-track position at the university, we took a leap of faith and bought land near Arcata, then designed and built a unique house with a 25-foot wall of windows looking out onto redwoods and tree-covered hills. We Read more

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