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Celebrating Haiku Poetry Day

cow in pasture with haiku

Popping up in the middle of National Poetry Month, today is International Haiku Poetry Day. To mark the occasion, here is a smorgasbord of haiku I’ve published this past year. Enjoy! gentle rain I remind my mother to buckle up tendrils of fog I follow a thread back into the dream understory no punctuation in her text message beach vacation every night between the sheets a little more sand sunlit pond the cattails chirping thin ice the windshield crack lengthens Indian Read more

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Yeah, but is it art?

cow in pasture with words

The head of a local gallery once turned me down for a show, saying my work was too “popular” and not a good fit for his gallery. “Come back if you do something different,” he said, “maybe something more from your soul.”  Ouch. A nationally recognized artist put it in more positive terms: “Your work is very accessible.” As I’ve been painting a new series and preparing for a solo show in July and August, titled “Savor the Day,” I’ve been pondering the question, “what is art?” And I’ve Read more

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