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Scent of Mint

painting of mint plant with haiku

Summer is almost upon us! Here in Arcata, California, between the redwoods and the sea, the temperature stays fairly constant year-round. A typical summer’s day is cool and foggy until mid-afternoon, when the temperature might “soar” into the high 60s. Still, we Pacific Northwest dwellers rejoice in the coming of summer, and all the leaping growth and expansion of this time. Enjoy, and don’t forget to stop and smell the mint! • If you live in the Humboldt area, please join four other artists Read more

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Ukiah Backwards

painting of lavender and honeybees with haiku

Ukiah is a small town nestled in a beautiful valley in Mendocino County, California. It is surrounded by oak-covered hills and rolling vineyards that turn gold and scarlet in the fall.

I lived in nearby Redwood Valley during high school and have been visiting family there for three decades. I learned to drive on those back roads, lurching along in our red 1971 VW bus with the “Go Solar, It’s Hot” and “Up Yurts” bumper stickers.

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