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Parallel Universes

sumi-e painting of flowers with haiku

When he was nine, my son Gabriel opened my eyes to the concept of parallel universes, the theory that there could be infinite co-existing universes. Both quantum physics and science fiction have explored this concept. But Gabriel quickly developed his own understanding. After watching a documentary on the subject, he told me mischievously, “I’m warning you, if there are other universes, in one you’re wearing a pink fluorescent dress. And you’re not regretting it!” But one does not have to Read more

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Biting Into Summer

sumi-e ink painting of peaches with haiku

summer solstice
peaches ripen
into sweetness

Today was fun: I tried the Japanese art of etegami for the first time. Debbie Davidson, an inspiring practitioner of this custom who was born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan and goes by dosankodebbie, explains on her blog:

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