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Haiku for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers1

Long walks on the beach
Adoring, soulful gazes—
True love comes on paws.

They shed and slobber, they bring in fleas, they run up vet bills, they exhibit behavior problems—and unlike children, they will never grow up to take care of us in our old age. Why do we love our dogs so?

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Banana Slug

Banana slug track
Leads up my office window—
Slug career ladder.

This piece, though light-hearted, reflects the sense of bemusement I feel about the traditional “career ladder.”

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Petal by Petal


Petal by petal
You help women discover
The beauty within.

I handed over this commissioned piece today, a gift for the volunteer president of a local nonprofit organization in thanks for her service.

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Cats in Ink

Purring cats

Purring in our laps
Cats somehow make it easy
To love and be loved.

This was an especially fun commission to take on: a verbal and visual portrait of a man’s beloved cats, to be presented on his birthday. It inspired me to write several more poems about cats and their quirky ways, as well as our heart connection with them. I’m looking forward to illustrating those. And I’m in the midst of creating a goofy-sweet series about dogs that I’ll share soon.

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